About Us

Who is Thunderbird Geospatial Inc.?

Thunderbird Geospatial Inc. is an Indigenous Partnership. A partnership that brings professionalism, recognition, and respect to our Treaty Territories as we acquire accurate and useful land information to all of our respected clients. Thunderbird, an Aerial Survey and Mapping company located on Treaty One Territory, primarily focuses on acquiring and processing geospatial data of smaller project sites by utilizing professional grade drones with lidar and photogrammetric camera sensors. Although, smaller project sites are the primary focus, Thunderbird’s staff have many years of experience processing data from large format sensors, therefore combined with our industry partners using aircraft and larger scale sensors, we have the capability of providing geospatial data for any size of project.

Our Mission

Thunderbird Geospatial Inc. strives to provide an accurate and reliable source of geographic data from UAV based technology.

Connect With Us

Whether you require aerial surveys for construction sites, real estate development, environmental monitoring, or any other industry, we have the expertise to handle it all.