Thunderbird Geospatial Inc. Safety Protocol

Thunderbird Geospatial Inc. makes safety its number one priority. To minimize risk Thunderbird thoroughly reviews and abides by the rules set in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433) by Transport Canada. Thunderbird assures that the proper safety measures and PPE are put in place before each mission and attending workplace safety courses regularly to minimize the chance of a unfortunate accident.

A thorough safety checklist for the commercial application of drones forms the backbone of a highly efficient and well-organized operation.

Airborne Acquisition can incorporate a wide range of circumstances, and it’s important that all personnel are adequately versed in the proper safety procedures to minimize risk and downtime in certain unforeseen or undesirable circumstances.

Without utilizing a detailed safety checklist before each mission, not only do you run the risk of wasting resources dealing with damages to our equipment/data and suffering delays due to poor planning, you also put the rest of your team and the general public at risk.

We prioritize safety above all else. Our drone operations strictly adhere to all regulatory guidelines and safety protocols. You can trust us to conduct surveys and mapping projects in a safe and responsible manner.

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